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Some excerpts from the text of ‘The First Hundred Years’:


The Society is founded


In the early weeks of 1913 plans for a club for the study of History and Natural Science were being discussed in and around Peebles. A public meeting on 19 February 1913 was attended by 24 named residents of Peebles, Innerleithen and Broughton and an unspecified number of others.  The meeting appointed a Provisional Committee with 13 members, two of whom were Innerleithen residents, to draw up a constitution

The meeting set subscriptions at 2s. 6d. (12.5p in today's currency, but roughly equivalent to £9.50 in value).  Junior members would pay 1s. 


Two weeks later, 26 March 1913, Council met for the first time.  After discussing the naming question it was resolved that the organisation should be known as The Tweeddale Club for the Study of History and Natural  Science... The Secretary had received several letters pointing out that "Tweeddale Club" was closely similar to "Tweeddale Shooting Club", and a potential source of confusion.  Consequently it was resolved to adopt as the organisation's name, The Tweeddale Society...


Before continuing with the Society's story it will be opportune to examine briefly the history of its predecessor, the Innerleithen Alpine Club.  



The Innerleithen Alpine Club


The Club was founded in 1889 by Robert Mathison, a builder in Innerleithen, and Thomas Young, an Innerleithen banker.  An inaugural meeting in April 1889 agreed "that a local club be formed with a view of organising excursions ... to elucidate the botanical and geological features and the antiquarian lore of Peeblesshire” ………...


History continued


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A cultural organisation based in Peebles, Scottish Borders

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