9 January 2018

A cultural organisation based in Peebles, Scottish Borders

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The Tontine Hotel in Peebles Life since 1808


Kate Innes & Sandra Whitnell

When the Tontine opened in far off 1808, the Peninsular War had just begun, and George III was on the throne. The Tontine was not just a place where a weary traveller could lay their head for a night or two, but a hub of Peebles high life - social, political, and economic – but especially social!

Kate (and Gordon) Innes own the Tontine Hotel in Peebles. Since purchasing the hotel in 2001 they have gone grey, raised their 2 beautiful girls and bought a dog. In their remaining time they have done their best to make continuous and ongoing improvements to the Tontine. Both are immensely proud of the incredibly talented, focused and effective team at the Tontine without which the hotel would not have been awarded ’Scottish Town Hotel in 2017, 2015 and 2014’.

Kate Innes & Sandra Whitnell

Sandra Whitnell (on right) lives in Peebles and enjoys researching local history, and sharing it with the community.  As well as giving conventional talks to interested groups, she has arranged events, dramatised readings and other activities. Some of her published short stories and poems have been inspired by local history.

Tontine Hotel

This talk is sure to give us a fascinating insight into what went on behind the Tontine's imposing facade. We will hear about feasts, riots, elephants, and much more!

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