As adopted by AGM, April 2018

1.     The name of the Society shall be the Tweeddale Society.


2.     The aims of the Society shall be the study and sharing of all aspects of our environment and culture, past, present and future through talks, visits and publications with particular but not exclusive relevance to Tweeddale and the Scottish Borders.


3.     Membership shall be open to all who are interested on payment of an Annual Subscription. Rates of subscription will be approved at a general meeting of the Society.


4.     Office Bearers of the Society shall be annually elected and shall comprise of the President, two Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary, and Programme Secretary. The responsibilities of the office bearers and elected and co-opted members shall be agreed by the Committee. The Treasurer and Membership Secretary shall be responsible for the funds of the Society and shall present to the Annual General Meeting a financial statement certified by an independent examiner. The independent examiner shall be elected annually and shall not be a member of the Committee.


5.     Honorary Office Bearers and Members may be appointed by the Committee and comprise of an Honorary President and Honorary Life Members.


6.     The Committee shall consist of the office bearers and six committee members elected at the Annual General Meeting for a period of three years unless re-elected for a further term. The Committee may co-opt a maximum of three members or others to assist in delivering the aims of the Society. A quorum for meetings of the Committee will be five elected members.


7.     An Annual General Meeting shall be held and a minimum of five other events. The Committee shall have the power to call an Extraordinary General Meeting if required and must do so on the demand of twelve members of the Society. The quorum for Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings shall be twelve full members of the Society.


8.     Subject to direction from the Annual General Meeting the Committee shall be empowered to make the necessary arrangements for events, publications and research projects and to arrange for the safe custody of archives and objects that have been committed to the Society’s care.


9.     The income and property of the Society where so ever derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the aims of the Society as outlined in this constitution. In the event of the Society being wound up, following a decision at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting and on the basis of a two thirds majority vote by members present or by proxy vote, the assets of the Society shall be transferred to an organisation or organisations that support the aims of the Society.


10.   The terms and conditions of this constitution shall be altered only at the Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society and upon three weeks’ notice to members of details of the proposed change and then upon a two-thirds majority vote of the meeting.




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