As amended January 2009


1.   The name of the Society shall be the Tweeddale Society.


2.   The objects of the Society shall be the study of the History and Natural history, Archaeology and Literature of the area in all its aspects and of the historic records and surviving monuments of its past: the promotion of lectures, visits to sites etc. and publication of authoritative papers bearing on these subjects: to further the encouragement throughout the area of a balanced appreciation of historical buildings and sites and of the need for their preservation and recording. The scope of lectures and visits may cover other areas.


3.    Membership shall be open to all who are interested on payment of an Annual Subscription to be paid by the 30th September each year. Rates of subscription shall be approved at a general meeting of the Society.


4.   Office Bearers of the Society shall be annually elected and shall comprise the President, two Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and Outings Secretary. The Secretary shall be responsible for Minutes, Annual Report and Meetings Programme. The Outings Secretary shall be responsible for all aspects of outings. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the Society's funds and accounts, and shall present an Annual Statement certified by an independent examiner. The independent examiner shall be annually elected and shall not be a member of the Society's Council. In addition to these Office Bearers an Editor may be appointed by the Council to supervise the preparation and publication of such papers as the Society may from time to time publish.


5.   Honorary Office Bearers may comprise an Honorary President and Vice-Presidents, being selected on the basis of outstanding attainment.


6.   The Council shall consist of the Office Bearers and six elected members, preferably from different parts of the area. Council members will retire two each year in rotation, so that no Council member will serve for more than three years unless re-elected for a further term. All election of Office Bearers and Council members will be made at the Annual General Meeting by majority vote of those present. The Council may co-opt additional and temporary members as advisers on special subjects.


7.   An Annual General Meeting shall be held and a minimum of five other or outings shall be arranged each year. The Council shall have the power to call Extraordinary General Meetings as required, and must do so on the demand of any twelve members of the Society.


8.   Subject to direction from the Annual General Meeting the Council shall be empowered to make such arrangements as are necessary for meetings, publications and research projects and to arrange for the custodianship of archives and objects which may be committed to the Society’s care.


9.   The income and property of the Society wheresoever derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the purposes of the Society as set forth in this Constitution.


10. The terms of this constitution shall be altered only at the Annual General Meeting of the Society and upon the two weeks’ notice to members of details of the proposed change and then upon a two-thirds majority vote of the meeting.





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