Traditional Worldwide Music (Followed by AGM)

Nomad Beat is a Charitable Community Music School providing education and inspiration through music …

Secret Tweeddale

Take a peek at parts of Tweeddale you didn’t know existed!

Blackbarony: What’s in a name?

From the early Celtic speaking locals to the later visitors from Scandinavia and Western Europe, the place names of the Eddleston Valley tell their own story ….

Where are we? A timely voyage around navigation

James will begin by taking a brief look at historical means of navigation…

Farming Today with Cows and Tomatoes

A herd of cows is a vital element in growing sweet red tomatoes on a commercial scale ….

The Industrial Heritage of Tweeddale

Over the course of the nineteenth century, woollen mills were built in Innerleithen, Walkerburn and Peebles bringing prosperity and an expanding population to Tweeddale …