Prince Charles Edward Stuart by Allan Ramsay

John Buchan’s Jacobites

Laura Buchan takes a look at her great grandfather John’s interest in the 1745 Jacobite Rising and how this was reflected in his writings….

botanic gardens edinburgh

350 Years of Scottish Botanical Gardens

Join David Knott for a tour through 350 years of Scottish botanical gardens….

Gamekeeping and Conservation

Gamekeeping and Conservation

Megan Rowland gives us her insights into the highways and byways of land management in 21st century Scotland, and how she came to be “a woman in a man’s world”….

The Antonine Wall

Dr. David Breeze, a former Chief Inspector of Ancient Monuments for Scotland explains how the ancient frontier of the Roman Empire became a World Heritage Site….

Klein Studio

The architect Peter Womersley and rural Modernism

Architects Gordon Duffy and Rebecca Wober examine Peter Womersley’s architectural legacy in the Borders and how he made ‘spaces that just sing’….

The Greatest Show on Earth

Discover why Scotland and Edinburgh became the home of the Greatest Show on Earth, and how Alasdair Hutton became involved as commentator….